about me

I'm Karen and I love talking about nutrition and exercise -- just ask anyone that shares a meal with me.  On this blog you will find recipes that I use along with items I find interesting about nutrition, exercise, and wellness in general.

how I eat

I try and eat a whole-food, plant-based diet.  I say try because I currently live in Prague, Czech Republic and do enjoy eating out with my husband and friends on occasion.  Even though I always specify no animal food and no oil, I can't always be sure that this is the case.

However, when I eat at home my diet is strictly whole-food, plant-based.  I never cook with oil.  In fact, there is no oil in my kitchen.  All of my fat comes from food: vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, and nuts.

about this blog

I encourage you to share my recipes and photos as much as you want but please make sure to link it back here and give credit where it's due.  Thank you!

You may contact me directly at karen@naturallyessential.com

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